Joseph Baldwin Academy

Travel Instructions

If you are traveling by plane:

Kirksville AirportTo arrive to Truman via a flight, you will need to book your arrival to Kirksville Airport via Cape Air.

They provide three flights each day in and out of Kirksville from St. Louis on an eight-seater propeller craft. The service is reliable and safe and is regularly full. Students coming from any other city or state than St. Louis will need to change terminals in St. Louis to meet their Cape Air flight.

A van shuttle service is typically available to help them avoid having to go through security a second time if they are on certain airlines (though not all). While we are great fans of the Cape Air service and encourage patrons to consider it, parents will want to discuss logistics with their children if they are inexperienced fliers. As of September 2022, Cape Air charges $52 each way, over and above the cost of your flight to St. Louis, to reach Kirksville. Both Expedia and Travelocity will enable you to include the Kirksville (IRK) leg in your itinerary planning.

Staff members of JBA will meet you at the security checkpoint of your arrival gate.  Please do not leave this point until a Joseph Baldwin Academy representative meets you.  The JBA staff member will be wearing a Joseph Baldwin Academy Staff t-shirt and holding Joseph Baldwin Academy signs.  It is important to send a picture because this will help us identify you at the airport.  Students will be responsible for their meals on arrival day.

Call the site office immediately if there is any last-minute change in the flight schedule. Departing students are checked in and escorted to the security checkpoint by staff members. Because of new airport regulations, the staff member will not be able to accompany the students to gates. Students and staff will be given instructions on what to do if a flight is canceled or significantly delayed.

Note: Students under twelve may be considered “unaccompanied minors” by the airline, and you may be required to pay an extra fee (contact your airline for details). The airlines will require the name of the JBA staff person who will meet such students upon arrival. We cannot provide this in advance; instead you must contact the JBA office the day before the flight to get the staff member’s name.

If you are arriving by car:

When you enter Kirksville, you will be traveling either north or south on Highway 63 (designated as Baltimore Street in Kirksville).  Turn west on Patterson Street and proceed to the University (see the map below.  Click for a Printable PDF).  The map will help you locate Ryle Hall which is #30 on the map.


Accommodations in Kirksville

For information on hotels in and around Kirksville, please visit the Visitor’s Guide or view a map of Kirksville and the Truman campus.

International Travel

Students traveling internationally will need to work with JBA and the Center for International Students to obtain the proper student visa.  While JBA is not a credit-bearing program, students from “Visa Waiver” countries are still advised to obtain a visa because the three-week nature of the program strains the definition of incidental study accommodated by the Visa Waiver program.  Students are urged to work with Truman at the earliest possible date after acceptance to process the required Visa paperwork.

There are only a small number of direct international flights into Missouri.  Most students will be taking connecting flights from larger cities such as Chicago, Detroit, New York, or San Francisco.  Please contact the JBA Office with your student’s full flight itinerary.  If your child is flying alone, please make sure they have the necessary documentation authorizing them to fly as an unaccompanied minor, including a letter granting your permission as a parent and an indication of their destination and length of stay in the United States.