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How Do I Apply?

Distinguished Nominees who are certified as eligible for the final selection process will receive notification about mid October via email of their Distinguished Nominee designation, as well as information about the program, how to apply online and other application materials required for the Joseph Baldwin Academy.  Final selection as one of the Eminent Young Scholars is based on the online application information, a complete school transcript or grade cards (two full years), and a recommendation from a current teacher.

Applications will not be accepted without two full year’s transcripts, the teacher recommendation* and the signature page.  A copy of a student’s last two years’ transcripts (or grade cards), completed Teacher Recommendation form* and the signature page should be sent to JBA by December 3, 2021. After the application deadlines, applications go under review by our faculty. Students will be notified of acceptance in early March 2022.

*Note: The process of collecting a letter of recommendation is integrated with the online portion of the application. On the online application, a student will list the name, title, and email address of a teacher they wish to write a letter of recommendation. Our system automatically sends the teacher an email. In that email is a link to an online form they fill out, serving as the letter of recommendation. When they submit the form, it is automatically added to your child’s application. We encourage you and/or your child to communicate with the teacher they list on their application.