Joseph Baldwin Academy

Student Conduct

Student participating in the Joseph Baldwin Academy are expected to meet the highest standards of behavior, both in personal deportment and in dedication to academic pursuits.  Students will:

  • Strive to do the best work possible in their courses;
  • Respect individuals of different races, cultures, religions, genders, disabilities, personal appearances, sexual orientation and national origins;
  • Behave in a friendly, cooperative, and responsible manner toward all persons in the JBA community and in the larger college and local communities;
  • Attend all class sessions, meals, activities, and meetings observing all rules for student conduct;

We cannot accommodate students who are unable to live up to these expectations.

Students may be dismissed from the program for any of the following reasons:

  • Possessing or using tobacco, vaping/e-cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs (students possessing any
    of these items will be immediately dismissed from the Academy);
  • Not attending to their academic work in a satisfactory manner;
  • Cheating, plagiarizing, or committing other acts of academic dishonesty;
  • Being in restricted areas of campus, or leaving campus, unaccompanied by a staff member, preceptor, or  parent/guardian;
  • Leaving their halls after lights out;
  • Stealing or vandalizing property;
  • Bullying or hazing;
  • Undermining the safety or well-being of self or others (including threats);
  • Students who use disrespectful or obscene language;
  • Students who engage in disruptive behavior;
  • Inappropriate behavior or violations of rules;

The Director will refer students involved in repeated or serious incidents to the Dean who has the authority to dismiss students based on behavioral inside or out of the classroom. Students expelled from the Academy will not receive a refund and parent/guardians will be responsible for any expenses associated with their son or daughter’s early return, including transportation costs.