Joseph Baldwin Academy

Tuition and Scholarships


The Joseph Baldwin Academy is an “all-inclusive” one price to attend – there will not be additional course fees, books or field trip expenses associated with some of the courses.

JBA Tuition for 2024 will be $2,275, which includes the following:


Session JBA t-shirt

JBA Evening / Weekend Events

Closing Reception

Kirksville Airport Transportation

 Course Packs/Supplies

Residence Hall Room

Field Trips

Outdoorsy Day Activity

Access to the Rec Center


Dining Hall Meals

*Laundry Facilities

Session Memory Book & Poster

Letter from Faculty Member

As with any activity, trip or event, students will want to bring spending money. Anything that is not listed in the “All-Inclusive Fee” listed above is the responsibility of the parent or guardian signing the application such as:

Spending Money – the items listed below are not required items, however most students do spend money on these and occ onally other items.

  • Snacks and drinks (outside of meals) – see Hall Store info below
  • Souvenirs from field trips
  • Housing group activities (such as farmers market, movies, swimming, fast food, etc.)
  • *Laundry supplies (machines are at no cost to students, supplies must be provided by student)
  • JBA items such as water bottles, additional t-shirts, lanyards, etc.
  • Personal items that a student may run out of, such as toiletries or laundry supplies
  • Appreciation day activities
  • Replacement residence hall keys or student ID cards (used in the library, rec center and dining hall)

While spending varies from student to student each year, most students spend an average of $150-$200 per each three week session.  Please note that families are encouraged to discuss budgeting of money before attending the Academy.

JBA Hall Store

The Academy provides a “JBA Hall Store” in the residence hall where students may purchase a wide variety of items such as, but not limited to:



Bottled Water



Mini Pizzas

Candy / Gum / Mints

Snack Cakes

Granola Bars

Chips / Popcorn

Travel Size Toiletries / Laundry Supplies

JBA Merch such as:

T-Shirts / Sweatshirts

Lanyards / Sunglasses

Water Bottles / Fidgets

Proceeds for all of these items sold help fund scholarships for students to attend future academies.

Personal Materials for Classes

Some faculty members will ask students to bring items, such as (but not limited to): Paper, notebooks, writing utensils, binders, calculators, tennis shoes/closed toe shoes, plain white t-shirts, USB cord, etc.  Not all students will need these items, however, if these or other items are needed, you will be notified by your instructor prior to arrival on campus (typically two weeks in advance of your session).

Medical Services

JBA provides a Health and Wellness Director to track and oversee prescription medications brought by students, provide simple/basic first aid, over-the-counter medications for needs such as headaches, minor coughs or colds, that would typically be treated by families at home.  However, JBA does not provide any medical services that require a physician, nurse, emergency treatment or normal medical/dental visits.  Any treatment beyond basic first aid is not included in the tuition and is the responsibility of the parent or guardian signing the Medical Form. Students/families will be required to pay any co-pay for medical services or prescriptions at the time of service directly to the facility.


Some students selected for JBA will be awarded partial JBA Scholarships ranging from $250 to $450. The number of scholarships is limited and will be awarded on the basis of financial need. Scholarships are funded through the sales of the JBA Hall Store items during each session of the Academy.

Missouri applicants for financial aid will also be considered for The Joseph Baldwin Academy Opportunity Scholarship, made possible by a Missouri donor who each year seeks to help an extraordinary student(s) with great potential for future growth and leadership attend the Academy. Two $500 scholarships are awarded in each session.

The Dan Clark Scholarship, named after the JBA director who retired after 15 summers of dedicated service, is a single $500 award open to aid applicants who demonstrate both financial need and an expressed interest in their application. Students will also need to complete an essay in the online application addressing the principles of justice, equality, and opportunity for humanity in society.  The essay will need to be a minimum of 200 words and maximum of 400 words.

Priority is given to applicants who have not previously received financial aid from JBA. Awards are first made to all eligible first-time attendees. If funds remain available, these funds are then distributed to returning students in order of greatest need.

Only students requesting financial aid should complete the request for financial aid section within the application materials. Students needing financial assistance are also encouraged to seek aid from service and business organizations in their local community such as Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, PTO/PTA, Bright Futures, etc.