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JBA students getting acquainted with the dorm garbage and recycling options.


In addition to their course work, our students enjoy a rich experience outside the classroom. They live on campus under the supervision of resident staff and preceptors and participate in a variety of activities held each afternoon and on the weekends. More importantly, they get to know other students like them—students whose interests are diverse and who share their exceptional academic abilities and love of learning. Lasting friendships develop as students learn from each other both in and out of the classroom. Throughout the residential program, we focus on helping students have a good time in a safe, supervised environment.  Although helping students have a positive social experience is important to us, prospective students should know that their primary goal while enrolled in the program is to succeed in their academic endeavors. Students unable to make academics their first priority should not attend our program.


While students are ultimately responsible for their own conduct; administrative, instructional, and residential staff all work together to provide clear guidelines and careful supervision. Outside class, students are supervised by the staff and preceptors. The staff are either current students or graduates of Truman State University. All staff members have participated in the Joseph Baldwin Academy in previous years as preceptors or members of the staff. They live in the residence hall and promote the academic, cultural, social, and recreational opportunities of campus life.

The students are also supervised by preceptors, some of the best students at Truman. All preceptors are nominated by a JBA faculty member to assist in their course and are interviewed individually by the Dean of the Academy. Preceptors live with students in the residence halls, providing support and encouragement, enforcing rules, assisting in the classroom and study hall, and conducting the recreational programs.

Enjoying activities in the Residence Hall.

Residential Life Rules

  • During the first two days of the Academy, students must be escorted by a preceptor or designated supervisor whenever they leave the residence hall. After that time, students may leave the residence hall with a companion after signing out. Students must remain on the Truman campus unless accompanied by a preceptor, staff member, or parent/guardian.
  • Students must remain in their rooms after curfew and lights must be out each night at the designated time. Students may not leave the residence hall before 7:00 a.m. and must be in at 9:30 p.m. unless otherwise planned.
  • The following are prohibited: alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs; cigarettes, tobacco products, matches, candles, and incense; coffee pots and other cooking appliances; tampering with fire equipment; and damage to University property. Students who possess or use alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or any tobacco products will be immediately dismissed from the Academy.
  • Students are expected to behave in a mature manner. They will be expected to show respect to the faculty, staff, fellow students, and themselves. Students who use disrespectful or obscene language will be disciplined.
  • Rules are discussed at length with the students on the first Sunday.

Academic Discipline

  • Students are expected to work to the best of their abilities. The students who excel at the Academy are those who take responsibility for their own education and have a genuine desire to learn. An exceptional level of maturity and emotional stability is essential to succeed in this fast-paced environment.
  • Students who demonstrate a lack of effort in the classroom or who engage in disruptive behavior will work with their instructor to resolve the situation. In some cases, a student may be given a contract indicating the amount of work to be completed each day. If inappropriate academic behavior persists, a conference may be held involving the student, the instructor, Director, and the Dean of the Academy. The Academy reserves the right to dismiss a student without refund for lack of effort or disruptive behavior in class. Parents will be responsible for any and all costs associated with early return home due to dismissal, including (if applicable) airfare, ground transportation to the airport, and staff expenses.

Attendance Policy

In order for students to receive the full academic benefits of the Academy, they must remain on the campus for the entire three-week session. We believe strongly that completion of the whole program is a primary objective of attendance.  While activities such as athletics, recitals, and scholastic competitions are worthwhile on their own, they divert students’ attention from a student’s JBA classroom experience when they are in conflict.  Because the academic experience is intensive, students are normally not able to “catch up” if they miss any class time. Because many class assignments employ group work, lab partners, and so forth, a student’s absence may also significantly impact the work of others. Students will not be permitted to leave the Truman State campus for activities not associated with the Academy. The only exceptions will be for medical or family emergencies as determined by the Dean.  Students who leave the Academy for any other reason will not be allowed to return and they will not receive an evaluation or recognition for attending the Joseph Baldwin Academy. For a variety of reasons, including fairness in the application of this policy, appeals of this policy not grounded in medical or family emergencies will not be considered.