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Student Life


Introduction In addition to their course work, our students enjoy a rich experience outside the classroom. They live on campus under the supervision of resident staff and preceptors and participate in a variety of activities held each afternoon and on the weekends. More importantly, they get to know other students like them—students whose interests are […]

Co-Curricular Activities

Each morning before class, students have the opportunity to participate in one of several activities that are supervised by preceptors.  Due to the student interest, most of these activities tend to be athletic in nature . . . several students like to jog or walk around the community. In the afternoon many attend Truman’s Student […]

Daily Schedule

The daily schedule on campus is quite full. Students are required to attend all classes and activities, and there is little unstructured time. Generally, students attend class from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday and 9:00 am to 11:30 am on Saturday, with short breaks in the morning and afternoon and a longer break for […]

Expectations for Student Conduct

We expect our students to meet the highest standards of behavior, both in personal deportment and in dedication to academic pursuits.  Students will: Strive to do the best work possible in their courses; Respect individuals of different races, cultures, religions, genders, disabilities, personal appearances, sexual orientation and national origins; Behave in a friendly, cooperative, and […]

Living On Campus

Housing Students live with their preceptors in single-sex wings of a residence hall near the center of the Truman campus. Each housing group has approximately 8-16 students who live near you as well as a housing group leader(s), one of our many capable preceptors.  Your housing group leader(s) will plan activities for your group to enjoy […]

Family Visits

During the session, we strongly discourage family and friends from visiting students and taking them off campus. Weekend time allows students to establish friendships and become fully involved in residential life. (In fact, homesickness is often intensified by visits from parents.) However, the Academy recognizes the vital importance of parental involvement in a student’s academic […]