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Coordinator of Summer Academies and Institutes Dean, Joseph Baldwin Academy The Dean of the Academy is Jared Young. The Dean sets the curriculum, selects the faculty, and oversees the staff. Mr. Young, an alumnus of Truman State University, served as a JBA preceptor and videographer during his undergraduate career. Prior to working at the University, […]


Director of the Academy Andrew Peake is the Director of the Academy. The Director, who lives in the residence hall with the students, supervises all co-curricular JBA activities and creates an atmosphere that is safe, healthy, and fun.  He oversees the activities of the professional staff and Preceptors.  One of his primary responsibilities is communicating with […]


Preceptors — two or three per class — are Truman students who assist the faculty in the class room and work with students in their class.  The preceptors live in the residence hall and assist the Co-Activities Directors’ during the morning, afternoon, and evening activities. All preceptors are nominated by a JBA faculty member to […]


The faculty are responsible for their classes.  They schedule each day’s academic activities, monitor each student’s progress, assign study hall, supervise the academic duties of preceptors and are responsible for class behavior.  The faculty report directly to the Dean of the Academy.