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Courses of Study

What Courses Will be Offered at JBA in 2018?

Session I  June 9 – June 30, 2018 Session II  July 7 – July 28, 2018 Advocacy, Argument, and Persuasion: Classical Rhetoric in Contemporary Times An “Animated” Course Biomusicology: The Study of Music from a Biological Perspective Can You Say That With Your Hands? An Introduction to American Sign Language and Deaf Culture German Language […]

What Class Should I Take?

All of the Academy’s classes are challenging, for they are designed to be the approximate equivalent of a semester-long university course offered during the regular academic year. Of course the classes have to be adapted to correspond to the three-week session (Truman semesters are fifteen weeks long), but faculty members still have high expectations for […]

Session I Course Descriptions

Advocacy, Argument, and Persuasion: Classical Rhetoric in Contemporary Times In a culture of 24-hour news, larger-than-life pundits and a blurring of the line between news and commentary, rhetoric and argumentation are a way of life in modern America. Argument now occurs in settings such as the halls of Congress, evening news talk shows, popular sports programming, […]

Session II Course Descriptions

      Clay Castles and Medieval Mugs Ceramics is the process of introducing clay to heat in order to make it permanently hard. Potters have been using the ceramic process for thousands of years to make both functional and sculptural objects. In this class, students will learn basic handbuilding ceramics techniques including coiling, slab […]