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JBA Session I and II Textbooks

Session I Textbooks

Name of JBA ClassRequired Textbook Price at Bookstore 
American History through SportA Brief History of American Sports $24.00
Can You Say That with Your Hands?  Intro to Sign Language Signs of the Times $35.00 
Dance to Enhance One’s Health and Well-Being Rhythmic Activities and Dance - 2nd Edition $36.75 
Genetics 101 Cartoon Guide to Genetics $19.99 
German Language and Culture First four chapters and glossary of Wie Geht’s 10th edition TBA based on copyright permissions from publisher 
Writer’s CraftA Little White Shadow$16.00

Session II Textbooks

Name of JBA ClassRequired TextbookPrice at Bookstore
An Animated CourseCartooning: Animation 1 with Preston Blair $10.95 
Big History:  Finding Humanity’s Place in the Universe Maps of Time:  An Introduction to Big History $32.25 
Bright Ideas:  Exploration of Light Course Packet Price TBA 
Intro to Chemistry Chemistry Essentials for Dummies & Course Packet with labs and supporting materials Book:  $9.99
Course Packet: $15.00  
Intro to Programming:  A Colorful Journey Getting Started with P5$19.99
Reading Between the Panels:  Comics, Graphic Novels, and Sequential Art Understanding Comics $25.99 
This is Your Brain.  This is Your Brain on Music.  Psychology of Music $68.95 
Why We Fought:  American Wars from World War I to Iraq International Politics and Zombies & Course Packet with supporting materials  Book:  $16.95 
Course Packet $15.25