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To Contact Your Student

By letter or package:
You student’s name
Joseph Baldwin Academy
Ryle Hall, room number
1215 S Mulanix
Kirksville MO  63501

JBA Residence Hall Office at Ryle Hall

JBA Administrative Office –  (660) 785-5384

By Fax:
JBA Administrative Office – (660) 785-7202

By Email:
Your student’s assigned email will be in the form of ab12345@truman.edu (this combination of letters and numbers will be randomly assigned).  Students receive this email address with their Acceptance Materials.


Students will each have their own mail boxes in Ryle Hall.  Mail is distributed by 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.  If you receive a package, a slip will be placed in your mail box.  All packages will need to be picked up at the JBA Hall Desk.  There will be no mail delivery on Saturday.

Provisions will be made for outgoing mail.  Stamps and envelopes can be purchased at the JBA Hall Store. In order for students to receive mail, it will need to be addressed as follows:

You student’s name
Joseph Baldwin Academy
Ryle Hall, *room number
1215 S Mulanix
Kirksville MO  63501

*Room numbers will be given on the day of arrival

Please don’t attempt to send letters or packages after Monday, June 27 or July 25 since they may not arrive before your student checks out.


Each student is given an email address with their Acceptance Materials.  Your student’s assigned email will be in the form of ab12345@truman.edu (this combination of letters and numbers will be randomly assigned). Students are allowed to check their email during “free time” by using the computers at the campus library.


Due to changing technology and logistical challenges, JBA will no longer be using land line phones in residence hall rooms. Cell phones will now be permitted on a restrictive basis.  Cell phones are only to be used in students’ residence hall rooms during free time and not after lights out.  If phones appear outside of residence hall rooms, they will be confiscated for 48 hours on the first offense.  If there is another infraction, they will be confiscated for the duration of the session.  Students who do not own cell phones will still have access to public phones in the residence hall, but will need a phone card in order to make out-going, long distance calls.

Students’ personal cellular phones may be used at designated times (please see policy below).  Parents should pre-arrange particular days and times for phone calls. The best times to reach students are 7:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. and 10:15 p.m. – 10:45 p.m. weekdays. So that students can receive adequate sleep, please refrain from calling students’ rooms after lights out (11:00 p.m. week nights, midnight Saturday night, and 10:00 p.m. Sunday night) or before 7:00 a.m. If you absolutely need to reach your son or daughter during this time, please call the JBA Residence Hall Office. We can easily arrange a time for your child to call you.

Cell Phones

It is essential for students to be focused in class, engaged in activities or sleeping at night.  Therefore, while we will be allowing students to keep their personal cell phones in their rooms this year, the use of these phones will be restricted. Students are allowed to bring cells phones with them but under very strict guidelines.  The intent of this policy is that students should only be using cell phones at the times, and for the purposes, for which they would have previously used their landline phone—primarily to communicate with their families. Students are not allowed to carry or keep their cell phones on them during the day and must confine their use of cell phones to their residence hall rooms. Cell phones may be used only during specified phone times, which are identified elsewhere in our rules.  The appropriate times to make calls will be explained to parents again during the parent orientation, and to students during the Academy rules meeting.  Cell phones used outside of specified hours or outside the residence hall (such as in class or during activities), for playing games, or for inappropriate reasons such as prank calling, will be confiscated for the duration of the session. The limitations on cell phones do extend to the iPhone, Blackberry, and similar combined phone-PDA-Internet devices (i.e.:  smartphones).  So while these devices commonly share MP3 and camera functions, students will not be allowed to carry these phones on their person as music players or cameras.  Occasional exceptions are made when these devices can serve an identified learning function in the class, and students will be informed of those instances.

JBA assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage of cell phones, or for the misuse of cell phones, including exceeding plan limits or use by unauthorized persons. Students caught with cell phones being used in ways inconsistent with this policy will have phones confiscated.  Parents should understand that exceptions to this policy will not be made, even if confiscation of a cell phone for misuse or abuse interrupts communication with parents.  Parents who are concerned about their student’s ability to abide by these rules are advised to purchase a phone card for their student.


Students are strongly discouraged from bringing personal laptops or computers.  Students will have full privileges in Pickler Memorial Library for things such as computers and computer labs.  Students will be allowed to visit the Library during their free time to use the computers.

Students will also have access to reference materials but must return these items to the Library on the final Friday of each session before the Closing Reception.  Students will be held responsible for any lost books or other reference materials and will be responsible for any late fees incurred during JBA. Students may also be held from the dance until the books or reference materials can be found and returned to the Library.


In recent years we have received a number of questions regarding the use of e-Readers (such as the Kindle, iPad, Nook, etc.).  While we encourage students to read whenever possible, when consistent with JBA rules and schedules, we are nonetheless concerned about the ability of some of these devices to circumvent JBA rules described elsewhere.  To date, we have purposefully excluded the use of personal computers to keep students’ attention focused on class and activities – particularly during free time.  Nonetheless, we recognize that some students now have significant amounts of their own reading material stored on these tablets.  For this reason, our policy for e-Readers will be similar to that for cell phones.  These devices may only be used in residence hall rooms, during designated free periods, and ONLY for the purpose of reading.  Students found to have these devices outside of the Residence Hall, or to be using them for communications, games, or non-reading functions, will have these devices confiscated for 48 hours on the first offense, and the duration of the Academy on the second offense.  The Academy assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage of these devices when a student elects to bring them to JBA.