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Co-Curricular Activities

Students and staff get ready for Dodgeball competition.

Each morning before class, students have the opportunity to participate in one of several activities that are supervised by preceptors.  Due to the student interest, most of these activities tend to be athletic in nature . . . several students like to jog or walk around the community.

In the afternoon many attend Truman’s Student Recreation Center where they may play sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, and racquetball.  Students who are over 14 are also allowed to use the University’s weight equipment.

Students who decide not to attend one of the morning or afternoon activities are allowed to do such activities as: go to the campus library to study, to complete their homework, to check their email, to catch up with laundry, etc.  Many students use this time to meet in the commons area at the residence hall and hang out with their friends. Students wanting to bring their musical instruments to practice or perform while at JBA will have access to practice rooms in the Fine Arts building on campus, Ophelia Parrish.  Students may also be interested in performing during the Talent Showcase at the end of the Session.

In the evening after study hall, students are required to participate in an activity. The Activities Directors  plan 7-8 choices most days, providing a selection of athletic, intellectual, creative, and recreational activities. Typical activities include dodgeball, jewelry making, theater games, chess, crafts, Ultimate Frisbee, painting, hiking, Capture the Flag, swing dancing, cooking, swimming, concerts on the square, and short trips to local Kirksville stores.

JBA Olympics

The cost for most activities is included in the student’s tuition: students who choose to sign up for craft activities or off-site activities, such as movies, swimming or shopping may be required to pay a nominal fee.

A few select nights during the session the students will enjoy the JBA Carnival, dress up for “Halloween in the summer” or may choose to perform in the JBA Talent Showcase.

On the weekends the Academy provides more ambitious activities, including evening dances, the JBA Olympics, Lip Sync competition, a quiz bowl tournament, and a dodgeball competition.  Students also have “down time” to catch up on laundry or just relax and talk with friends.