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Applicant Information

In order to apply for JBA, you first need to be nominated by your school counselor or gifted teacher. Nominations are due at the beginning of October each year. If you would like to be nominated, please contact your school counselor or gifted teacher.

JBA nominees interested in applying need to complete the Online Application Form.

In order to access the form, you’ll need access instructions from your JBA Application Packet.

To complete your application to JBA, a student needs to:

  • Complete the online JBA Application
  • Have a school official prepare a copy of two previous years’ transcripts or grade cards for us
  • You and one of your parents must sign and return the Signature Page; all boxes must be checked
  • All digital and paper materials must be submitted to JBA by the Application Deadline

If you have any questions, please contact us at jba@truman.edu or 660-785-5384.