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How Are Courses Assigned?

Students have the opportunity to rank their choice of classes when they apply.  The Academy attempts to place students in their first class choice, but some classes have many more applicants than seats available. The instructor for each class reviews student files and determines whether an applicant would be able to successfully complete the class by considering such factors as the student’s school transcript, essay responses, letter of recommendation, and, if applicable, their previous work at the Academy.

You increase your chances of being accepted to JBA if you rank as many courses as you are willing to consider and if you make yourself available for either session.  The more options you are willing to consider, the more flexibility we have in placing you if you are unable to be placed in a high-demand course.

The Academy will inform students once their application has been received and completed. Students whose applications are complete by the deadline of December 3, 2021 will have the best chance of receiving their first class choice. No student will be placed in a class until his/her application is complete.

After each instructor has reviewed all of his/her applications and chosen his/her students, we will notify the students by email in early March 2022 of acceptance to the Academy.