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Acceptance Update Page

Acceptance Process Updates

Thank you for inquiring about the status of your application.  JBA received over 720 applicants this year and our staff needs to provide every applicant with a thorough review.  Students not placed in their top choices may be reviewed by additional faculty.  This complete process takes a little less than one month.

November 14, 2016.  All completed JBA applications were due.  Students with incomplete files notified.

January 30, 2017.  Final reminder for missing test scores sent.

Month of February.  Completed JBA applications under review by faculty.  Incomplete applications will not be considered until completed and accepted applicants are placed.

Week of March 6.  Acceptance packets for placed students will have been mailed.  Alternates and applicants not accepted will be notified at this time.  Instructions for wait-listing will be made available at this time.  Because acceptances are mailed in bulk, it may take a week or more for your letter to arrive.  Not all students will receive their letter at the same time.  Please be patient!